Supervisory Board

Udo J. Vetter

Chairman of the Board

Udo has been appointed chairman of the Supervisory Board in March 2007, succeeding ITM AG co-founder Dr Maurits Geerlings. As an US-trained pharmacist, Udo has served as Managing Director of various leading pharmaceutical companies throughout his entrepreneurial career and also represents UV-Cap GmbH & Co KG, investor of the ITM AG. In addition, Udo serves as chairman and member of supervisory and advisory boards of several innovative companies and institutions and is also a member of the International Leadership Forum of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

Oliver Buck

Oliver is a bio-physicist by education who has spent his professional career in a variety of entrepreneurial and management positions in industrial companies. Since January 2005, Oliver has devoted his time and expertise to the development of ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG as its Chief Executive Officer. His main angle has been the development of ITM Group's corporate and strategic alignment and its product pipeline. As of April 2012, Oliver actively continues to support the ITM Group in its strategic and global market development as senior advisor to the CEO.

Gunther Strothe 

Gunther obtained an MA in Economics and an MBA. Previously, Gunther held several managing functions such as CFO of Hugo Boss AG, Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs, and Managing Director Germany at Oliver Wyman & Company. Moreover, he is a non executive member of several boards since 1996. Gunther became a member of ITM´s supervisory board in 2016.

Dr Bent Reichardt

Bent is a partner at Deutsche Invest Equity Partners GmbH.

Manuel Salvisberg

Manuel Salvisberg holds an MA in finance from University of St. Gallen and Fudan University in Shanghai. He is a also CFA and CAIA charterholder. After having worked for The Boston Consulting Group and a private equity firm, Manuel has structured and now runs the investments of Dr. Uli Sigg, the former Swiss ambassador to China. Manuel sits on numerous boards of directors of technology and financial services companies.