PSMA Affiline

n.c.a. 177Lu-DOTA-Affilin / 68Ga-DOTA-Affilin

ITM and its partner Navigo Proteins cover within a strategic cooperation a number of programs for the discovery and development of novel targeted radio conjugates for imaging and therapy purposes, in a variety of indications. Navigo Proteins will be responsible for the discovery and design of the radio conjugates based on its proprietary Affilin® platform, while ITM will use its radioisotope technology and be responsible for later-stage development of the resulting products. The first program has commenced in the area of targeted cancer treatment.

Navigo Proteins with its Affilin® platform delivers compounds with precisely engineered carriers, whereas ITM selects the compounds half-lives, short-term for imaging applications and longer-term for therapeutic applications.

Affilin® artificial proteins have the ability to selectively bind antigens. They are derived from human scaffold proteins and have high stability, affinity, and specificity making them an ideal platform for a range of applications, including those where antibodies have limitations, thus broadening the potential of biotherapeutics.