Self-shielded Labeling Module

iQS® Ga-68 Fluidic Labeling Module is the most compact and easily portable system for convenient preparation of 68Ga labeled PET/CT tracers. 

iQS® is the only self-shielded labeling module available on the market. Radiation protection is provided by a compact lead-shielding design and a smart integration of the fluidic system. Hence a safe routine use for the personnel is guaranteed and no cost expensive hot cell is required. 

Obtain highest yield in an extremely short time: The time from elution of the generator to final product is down to only 15 minutes and the labeling yield amounts more than 80 percent. For the reduction of the 68Ge breakthrough a post-synthesis purification with a C18 cartridge is included.

The combination of iQS® with the GMP 68Ga Radiolabeling Set and the pre-assembled sterilized cassette entails independence and the convenience to receive all necessary and complementary materials from only one reliable supplier. 

Key Advantages

  • Self-shielded – no hot cell required
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Personalized on-site customer service
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • CE certified