Quality Control Solution

Fully Integrated Radio-HPLC System

Our Quality Control Solution is the only fully integrated Radio-HPLC system (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) which was specifically designed for the assessment of radiopharmaceuticals, thereby setting industry standards in terms of functionality and usability (in accordance with Ph. Eur. Standards). 

This compact-standalone system offers many unique features that are essential for the ease of operation and data collection/processing in analytical radiochemistry. The shielded column chamber along with the column oven not only minimizes radiation exposure of personnel to an all-time low, it is also dedicated for quality control of radiolabeled peptides according to Ph. Eur..

The integration of high-quality HPLC components into our system, such as a quaternary HPLC-pump (with active back flushing of the pistons), UV detector, γ-spec S 3700, online degasser and the latest Chromstarworkstation 7.0 software (half-life corrections during or after the run), led to a compact one tower system with no hassle of external extra parts.

Key Advantages

  • High-performance quality control of radiopharmaceuticals 
  • Compact one tower system (no external parts e.g. detector)
  • Highly-sensitive 2” Nal(TI) scintillation detector 
  • Integrated degasser 
  • High voltage scan for optimized sensitivity
  • Injection loop volumes (5, 20 and 50 μl)
  • Half-life-adjusted peak intensities 
  • Sophisticated radiation protection 
  • Can be customized to fit specific needs (detectors, autosamplers)