GMP Radiolabeling Service

GMP Manufacturing

Headquartered on the premises of the Technical University Munich (TUM), ITM operates GMP laboratories for the manufacturing of a new generation of radiopharmaceuticals. The laboratory area has more than 900 square meters with clean rooms and dedicated hot cells for GMP radiolabeling up to class A. An in-house control area and a sophisticated radiation protection system are also part of this high-tech lab. Take advantage of our GMP infrastructure and benefit from the shortest possible route to GMP radiopharmaceuticals.
Our dedicated team of experts with leading track records in radioisotope sourcing, processing, and radiolabeling will be at your side at all times. Did you know that we are next door to FRM-II Neutron Source and Munich International Airport? Our unrivaled logistics network allows guaranteed shipment within 24 hrs (Europe) and 72 hrs (Overseas), respectively. Waste no time or money. Contact us today.